Project At A Glance

World Class State of The Art Blood Transfusion Centre is a dedication to the Society by Worthy Rotarians of Rotary Club of Noida in collaboration with Sagacious members of IMA Noida Branch, encouraged by several philanthropic individuals & organizations, as an Emerald of tireless dedicated journey of commitment to Human Service of last four years, under the commendable Yeoman's leadership of Our Beloved Managing Trustee Rtn. Satish C. Singhal.

The seed that was sown in 2006-07 germinated and has grown into a flowering tree, ready to bear fruits of efforts of human endeavors resulting in 100% Voluntary Blood Donations,100% Components Therapy with World Standard NAT testing, Blood Grouping, Rh Phenotyping and antibodies screening facilities to the suffering brethren of Noida &surroundings. The total cost of the project approximates Rs. Eight crore with more than 1.5 crore spent on infrastructure & building and more than six crore on Equipment & Technologies.

A dedicated Team of well qualified, experienced & proficient staff has already joined. Our dream to have a full-fledged Institute of Transfusion Medicine with facilities of HLA Typing, Platelet Serology, Stem Cells & a Day Care Centre for Blood Transfusion is on the anvil. We shall go all out in serving the poor & needy, the Thalassemics & the Haemophilic. I seek God's grace & humble participation by all residents of Noida to come forward and pour their small Ahutis in this Mahayagna of Human Services.