What happens when I give blood?

As you enter for donating blood, there are several steps along the way. The entire process takes about an hour. Your actual donation takes about ten minutes.

First stop is registration. At registration, you will be asked to fill out simple information, such as your name, address, and phone number. Volunteers will be there to answer any questions or help you fill out the form. We'll take your temperature using an thermometer, and give you a glass of water.

Now, we'll test your iron level, or hemoglobin, to make sure you're not anemic, that it's safe for you to give blood. At the medical examine area, we'll take your blood pressure and pulse. You'll answer a series of questions, some of which are very personal. We must ask these questions because of the way some diseases are spread. Remember, your answers are confidential - no one will know what your answer is.

Now it's time to give blood. You'll be handed a packet containing bags. Blood Will Be filled Only One. The other satellite bags will be used at our blood center when we make as many as four different products from your donation. A Rotary Noida Blood Bank Nursing executive/Technical executive will be with you during the entire donation. It should take about ten minutes.

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